Easy Comfort Period Underwear

The Game Changer in the Period Market


The SELENACARE Easy Comfort period underwear with interchangeable inserts opens up a world of uncomplicated comfort and boundless freedom during your menstruation. This revolutionary collection, designed for the modern lifestyle, promises easy and quick changes on the go, without compromising on safety or comfort.

Easy Comfort period underwear at a glance:

  • Easily change period underwear on the go
  • Change inserts without removing the underwear
  • Self-adhesive surface in the base slip suitable for Easy Comfort inserts
  • Dry feeling, extra absorbent, no leaks
  • Store inserts discreetly in the wet bag
  • Sustainable period underwear

Experience for yourself how SELENACARE makes your everyday life easier by offering you the flexibility to feel fresh and secure anytime and anywhere. With its innovative design and exceptional functionality, the Easy Comfort collection sets new standards in menstrual hygiene.


The Features of SELENACARE Easy Comfort Period Underwear
Instructions for Using Easy Comfort Period Underwear
Questions and Answers about Easy Comfort Period Underwear

The Features of SELENACARE Easy Comfort Period Underwear

The SELENACARE Easy Comfort collection revolutionizes menstrual hygiene by its easy handling and the effortless changing of inserts, even on the go. With the unique ability to change inserts without removing the underwear, it offers unprecedented flexibility and discretion in everyday life. This feature makes period underwear an indispensable companion that significantly enhances comfort and well-being during your menstruation.

With the self-adhesive surface in the base slip, the inserts can be securely attached and easily replaced. This innovation not only facilitates changing during long days or travel but also ensures a consistently dry feeling and leak protection. The Easy Comfort collection elevates comfort during menstruation to a new level, allowing wearers to focus on what really matters - pursuing their activities freely and unencumbered.

How to Use Your Easy Comfort Period Underwear

The SELENACARE Easy Comfort period underwear with interchangeable inserts offers an innovative solution for comfortable and secure menstrual hygiene. Here is a simple guide on how to use the underwear and the self-adhesive inserts optimally:

  1. Place Easy Comfort insert on self-adhesive surface in base slip: Start by placing the insert on the self-adhesive surface inside your base slip. Ensure it is securely positioned for maximum comfort and safety.
  2. Wear effortlessly and feel secure: Once the insert is attached, you can wear the period underwear as usual. The self-adhesive materials prevent the inserts from slipping. You will feel safe and protected all day long without any restrictions on your daily activities.
  3. Change when insert is fully absorbed: Regularly check if the insert needs to be changed. Over time, you will develop a good sense of when is the best time for you to change. Thanks to the easy handling, you can do this quickly and discreetly without spending a long time on it.
  4. Remove and replace without removing: When it's time to change the insert, simply peel it off the self-adhesive surface without having to remove your Easy Comfort base slip. This feature makes changing on the go or at work particularly convenient.
  5. Store in wet bag: After removing, fold the used insert and store it discreetly in the included wet bag until you get home and can wash it.
  6. Easy replacement: After securely storing the used insert in your convenient wet bag, you can easily and quickly attach a fresh insert to the self-adhesive surface of the base slip. This allows you to change your insert in no time - similar to traditional pads, whether you're on the go or enjoying the comfort of home.
  7. Wash at home: Wash your insert at 30 to 40 °C with a protective laundry net in the washing machine to prepare it for the next use. Then let it air dry. We recommend avoiding strong detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, and vinegar. This will keep your inserts absorbent and in shape for a long time.
  8. Reuse for next period: Once the inserts are dry, they are ready for the next use. The reusability of the inserts is not only practical and cost-effective but also supports an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With these simple steps, you can fully enjoy the benefits of SELENACARE Easy Comfort period underwear, providing you with a safe and comfortable feeling during your menstruation.

Questions and Answers about Easy Comfort Period Underwear

To best support you, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about SELENACARE Easy Comfort period underwear. Check out the following questions and answers below to learn more about the Easy Comfort collection.

The most frequent questions

Here you will find everything you need to know
  • Is Easy Comfort period underwear sustainable?
    Yes, SELENACARE Easy Comfort period underwear promotes sustainable menstrual hygiene by using reusable inserts. This not only reduces waste compared to traditional disposable products but also supports an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The durability and reusability of the inserts help reduce the ecological footprint of each individual.
  • How do I wash the inserts of the Easy Comfort collection?
    The inserts of the Easy Comfort collection are suitable for machine washing and should be washed gently at 30 degrees to maintain their shape and absorbency. We recommend avoiding the use of fabric softener as it can affect absorbency. Additionally, we recommend using a laundry bag for washing your Easy Comfort inserts.
  • Is the Easy Comfort period underwear available in a set?
    Yes, SELENACARE offers a convenient Easy Comfort period underwear set, which includes everything you need for a comfortable and secure menstruation. The set includes a base slip with a self-adhesive surface, two reusable inserts for heavy and medium flow days, and a wet bag for discreet storage and transportation of used inserts when you're on the go. This set provides a complete solution for your menstrual hygiene and makes changing period underwear easier wherever you are.