Period Underwear

Safe and reliable through your period


What is period underwear?

Period underwear are regular panties with an integrated absorbent pad. The absorbent pad consists of several layers and provides protection against leakage and unpleasant odours during the period. 

Period panties are worn like regular pants.
Visually, the panties are no different from regular underwear. 

Depending on the strength of your menstruation, period panties offer up to 8 hours of leakage protection. You can also use a menstrual cup for additional support. 

Sustainable period underwear reduces waste.
Switching to sustainable menstrual underwear has many advantages. Compared to tampons or pads, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment. Because you not only save waste, but also money.

Period underwear from SELENACARE

We want you to feel good. That's why function and appearance go hand in hand. With our period underwear, you are perfectly protected day and night during all activities. What's more, the elegant models are visually indistinguishable from conventional underwear

How does period underwear work?

  • Layer 1: Moisture is transferred quickly and safely.
  • Layer 2: Moisture is safely absorbed so that there is no feeling of wetness. The antibacterial protection counteracts the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odours.
  • Layer 3: Breathable and leak-proof protective membrane for extra protection and comfort.
  • Layer 4: The skin-friendly fabric ensures comfortable wearing, as you already know from normal pants.

Despite the 4 layers, the fabric technology is very thin, less than 4 millimetres. You can be sure that our menstrual briefs are just as comfortable to wear as regular underwear.

How often to change period underwear?

We often get the question: "Can I wear period underwear all day?" . That depends on how heavy your period is. 

Our menstrual underwear can absorb up to 25 ml of fluids. During menstruation, a woman loses an average of 30 to 80 ml of blood a day. This makes the panties suitable for almost the whole day on light and medium days of your period. 

Leakage protection for up to 8 hours On heavy days, or if you cannot change your period underwear for more than 8 hours, we recommend that you also use a menstrual cup.

How much period underwear do I need?

On average 1-3 period briefs per day, depending on how heavy your period is.

The advantage of our sustainable period underwear is that you can wash it like normal underwear. So how many period panties you need during your period depends on how often you do laundry.

If you do your laundry several times a week, you should be able to get by with 4 - 5 menstrual briefs.

You can get through your period stress-free with 6 - 8 periods underwear without having to wash every day.

How to wash and care for period underwear? (Quick guide)

  • After wearing, rinse in cold water and add to the rest of your dark laundry
  • Wash at 30 to 60 degrees
  • Allow to air dry

After use, first rinse the period panty in cold water. Then you can simply wash them in the washing machine with the rest of your dark laundry.

Due to the integrated antibacterial protection in our period underwear, it is sufficient to wash them at 30 degrees. but 60 degrees is no problem either. Low temperatures also help to protect the environment.

Please do not use bleach or fabric softener. Simply let your period panties air dry after washing.

Period underwear or menstrual cup?

Hand on heart - changing your menstrual cup, pad or tampon at night is a pain. That's why period underwear is the perfect alternative here (which, by the way, is also extremely comfortable and safe during the day). No more nighttime leaks: don't worry about tossing and turning in bed at night, you'll be safe with our period underwear!