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Invisible Free-Cut: seamless period knickers from SELENACARE for you

Under a tight skirt, high-waisted jeans or athletic leggings, seams and VPL are quite simply unattractive – we’re sure you’re familiar with the problem! At SELENACARE we wanted to solve it once and for all, while at the same time fulfilling our mission to develop sustainable hygiene products. The result of our endeavours is the Free-Cut collection! Available as seamless period knickers and seamless Everyday Essentials underwear, the collection provides you with a comfortable, reliable and inconspicuous solution for every day. Discover the seamless period knickers and Everyday Essentials underwear from our Invisible Free-Cut collection and be inspired!


What is seamless period underwear?
How does seamless period underwear work?
Invisible Free-Cut from SELENACARE: Advantages & Features of seamfree period underwear
How do I look after my seamfree period knickers and my seamless Everyday Essentials underwear?
Seamless Everyday Essentials and period underwear: buy now from SELENACARE

What is seamless period underwear?

SELENACARE Invisible Free-Cut period underwear is the perfect choice for anyone looking for invisible comfort, unrestricted freedom of movement and reliable leakage protection when they’re on their period. The seamfree period underwear clings softly and invisibly to your body allowing you to wear it under figure-hugging clothing without any risk of VPL

The special thing about this style of underwear is that the material – a blend of nylon, cotton, polyester and elastane – is completely without seams, giving you a smooth surface and guaranteeing a comfortable fit. You are able to move about freely without no annoying seams and the stretchy microfibre technology ensures that the underwear adapts to any body shape. No matter how slim or curvy you are, this underwear sits perfectly and provides full leakage protection thanks to its multi-layer technology.

How does seamless period underwear work?

In order to guarantee the combination of great wearing comfort and reliable leakage protection, our seamfree period underwear features multi-layer technology consisting of four layers: 

  1. The innermost layer quickly wicks away liquid, so that you feel dry all the time. 
  2. The second layer traps the liquid and reliably keeps it there for up to 12 hours! 
  3. The next layer provides leakage protection and ensures that everything stays where it’s meant to. 
  4. The final layer is a skin-friendly material that makes the underwear very comfortable to wear and provides you with a maximum feeling of well-being. 

Above all, you’ll hardly be aware of our Free-Cut underwear despite these four layers. Even without all the seams and hems, the fabric provides the perfect fit and comfort while also being robust and elastic

Our seamless period underwear can absorb 20 ml of liquid and is ideal for medium-flow days. On heavier days it provides you with additional leakage protection and on lighter days it can fully replace tampons or your menstrual cup. Our seamless Everyday Essentials can absorb 5 ml of liquid making them perfect for vaginal discharge and light-flow days.

Invisible Free-Cut from SELENACARE: Advantages & Features of seamfree period underwear

We are well aware that to be able to navigate life confidently, protection, comfort and a sense of well-being are essential. Our seamless period underwear gives you all this – as well as many other advantages and benefits: 

  • Comfortably thin and absorbent (absorbs 20 ml) 
  • Keeps you feeling dry 
  • Reliable protection for 12 hours 
  • Can be used both during the day and at night 
  • Super stretch: one size covers three clothing sizes (XS–M & L–XXL) 
  • Seamless, making it invisible under clothing: no VPL 
  • Reusable and machine-washable (at 30–40 degrees) 

With the Invisible Free-Cut collection from SELENACARE, you’ll feel free with no annoying pinching and no VPL under your clothing. The collection provides you with reliable protection that is completely invisible. You can move around freely, as the underwear adapts perfectly to your body. It is also extremely comfortable and flexible thanks to the super-stretch microfibre materials. 

The built-in multi-layer technology ensures that liquid is immediately wicked away so there is no unpleasant damp feeling. Instead you’ll feel fresh and dry all day long. What makes the Free-Cut collection really special is the clever fabric construction that makes this unique cut possible. These are the finest fabrics that are technologically possible. Despite the lack of seams and hems, the fabric provides a perfect fit and great wearing comfort. It is more robust and elastic than other fabrics, which gives you an all-round feeling of wearing comfort. Moreover, thanks to the seamless period underwear you can completely dispense with single-use products and thus help reduce waste. Our seamless underwear is reusable and easy to clean. Increase your sense of well-being and reduce your ecological footprint!

How do I look after my seamfree period knickers and my seamless Everyday Essentials underwear?

The knickers from the Free-Cut collection can be easily machine washed at 30 to 40 degrees. However, before washing them, rinse them with cold water to remove any excess liquid and blood stains. Do not use fabric softener or bleach as this will harm the material. Washing with vinegar is also not recommended. Finally, be sure to air dry your seamless underwear as it will not withstand being tumble dried.

Seamless Everyday Essentials and period underwear: buy now from SELENACARE

Experience the freedom and comfort of the SELENACARE Free-Cut collection and enjoy invisible protection that is perfectly tailored to your needs. No matter if you’re wearing a figure-hugging summer dress, a business outfit or sportswear, with the underwear from our Invisible Free-Cut collection, you can move freely and enjoy the day with a carefree attitude!

The most frequent questions

  • How often should I change my seamless period underwear?
    This depends on how heavy your flow is. On medium or light-flow days you can wear our seamless period underwear for up to 12 hours. On heavier days you may have to change your underwear once or twice a day.
  • Can I wear seamless period underwear at night?
    Yes, depending on the absorption level and your personal needs, you can wear our seamless period underwear at night. It provides reliable protection and helps you sleep comfortably.
  • Is seamless period underwear suitable for everyone?
    Yes, it is suitable for everyone. However, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and requirements. If you have heavy periods, it’s usually best to use additional hygiene products along with the underwear.
  • Can I wear seamfree period underwear when I work out?
    Yes, seamfree period underwear is ideally suited for sporting activities. It provides comfort, freedom of movement and reliable leakage protection, allowing you to move freely, particularly when exercising.
  • Where can I buy seamless period underwear?
    You can buy our seamless period underwear right here on our website or in stores.
  • What styles of seamless knickers does SELENACARE offer?
    Our Free-Cut collection consists of two styles: seamless period underwear that absorbs 20 ml of liquid and Everyday Essentials with an absorbency of 5 ml. A pair of our Everyday Essentials knickers is suitable for everyday use when you are not on your period; it replaces a panty liner and adjusts to the shape of your body. Vaginal discharge, sweat and light bleeding are quickly wicked away thanks to our multi-layer technology.