Bladder weakness Underwear

For mild urinary incontinence in men


What is bladder weakness underwear for men?

Incontinence briefs combine the protection of disposable pads with the comfort of normal underwear. For this purpose, there is an absorbent pad in the crotch area. Despite several functional layers, this protective surface is extremely thin and discreet for a comfortable feeling when worn. Unlike disposable briefs or pads, our bladder weakness underwear for men can be washed and used again and again.

Premium protection where you need it.

SOUVERÄN bladder weakness underwear is visually indistinguishable from normal underwear. In addition, urine droplets are reliably collected. So you are perfectly protected day and night against small amounts of involuntary urine leakage.

A reusable solution for a carefree lifestyle.

By the way, additional pads are not necessary. After wearing, the briefs are simply washed and the environment is protected through multiple reuse. By the way, the long life of the underwear saves you not only money, but also waste.

Bladder weakness underwear for men from SOUVERÄN

Many people think that incontinence only occurs in advanced age and are ashamed of it. But in fact, many factors can also cause bladder weakness at a younger age. 

We believe that you should not let bladder weakness limit you. That's why we have developed SOUVERÄN bladder weakness underwear for men. Discreet functional underwear that accompanies you on your way to a more relaxed life. Choose your favourite between two designs.

How does bladder weakness underwear for men work?

  • Layer 1: Moisture is quickly wicked away from the body into the inner layers
  • Layer 2: Urine is safely absorbed. The briefs always feel dry and fresh. The antibacterial protection prevents the development of bacteria and unpleasant odours. 
  • Layer 3: The extra absorbent extra protection absorbs moisture and locks it in securely.
  • Layer 4: The leak-proof protective membrane protects reliably and is breathable at the same time
  • Layer 5: The skin-friendly fabric provides the inconspicuous underwear look.

Despite the 5 layers, the fabric technology is very thin. You can be sure that our bladder weakness briefs are just as comfortable to wear as normal underwear

When does incontinence occur in men?

According to statistics, incontinence affects one in eight men. While the most common cause of bladder weakness in old age is prostate enlargement, illnesses, muscle weakness or psychological causes and nerve dysfunction can also lead to incontinence at a younger age.

Because many of those affected find it uncomfortable, they keep quiet about their bladder problems for a long time. Yet there are many forms of therapy and support articles that can help on the way to a carefree life.

Is bladder weakness underwear hygienic?

Yes, bladder weakness underwear is hygienic because it protects you from wetness and odours.

The hygienic protection is based on our innovative fabric technology SELENAtec®. Discreet protection that you don't notice when you wear it, but you can feel that it works.

Thanks to the antibacterial layer, you always feel fresh and comfortable in our underwear. What's more, our briefs are certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This means that the components have been tested for harmful substances and the article is safe for your health.

In addition, our underwear is EPA registered and bluesign® approved for sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes.

Washing bladder weakness underwear [Washing instructions]

  • Machine wash: At 30 -60 degrees (with other dark wash)
  • Allow to air dry

Wash the bladder weakness underwear as usual with the rest of your dark laundry in the washing machine. Thanks to the antibacterial protection, bacteria and urine odour don't stand a chance. Because low washing temperatures protect the environment and the material, it is sufficient to wash the briefs at 30 - 60 degrees.