Reusable Panty Liners & Pads

For when you’re on and even when you’re not



More and more of us are trying to avoid plastics and single-use items in our everyday life, but single-use period products continue to be bestsellers. And the silly thing is, preventing waste during that time of the month is so easy! Are you looking for an affordable, sustainable and safe alternative to single-use pads and panty liners? Our reusable products are ideal for when you're on your period and even when you're not. You use them in practically the same way as disposable items. The only difference is that your place our cotton pads and panty liners in your knickers and fasten them with a press stud – no sticky-backs in sight! Keep reading to find out more about the reusable pads and panty liners from SELENACARE!


Absorption potential of cloth pads and panty liners
How our cotton pads and panty liners work
How many reusable pads do i need?
Washing cotton cloth pads and panty liners
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Zero waste periods thanks to washable pads
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Depending on its size, a washable pad can absorb up to 25 ml of menstrual blood – the perfect option for medium and light-flow days. Reusable cloth panty liners are ideal for daily vaginal discharge or for light-flow days and can hold up to 5 ml of liquid. In contrast to single-use products, they do not end up in the rubbish after use – instead you wash and reuse them, which is a great benefit to the environment!


Our washable cotton pads and panty liners are based on SELENAtec®, a patented, multi-layer technology. They consist of multiple breathable layers that efficiently absorb liquid and lock it away to ensure that you always feel fresh and dry. An antibacterial layer also prevents the development of unpleasant odours and bacteria

Our special multi-layer technology makes our cotton cloth pads and panty liners comfortably thin and pleasant to wear. They are also certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means that all components have been tested for harmful substances and found to be harmless to human health.


The number of pads you’ll need every day depends on the strength of your flow. When your period is quite light, one small pad will be sufficient. Or you can use a larger pad and change it less frequently. Generally, we recommend changing cloth pads at least once a day. If you already use single-use pads, you can use them as a guide to work out your daily consumption. 

 To ensure that you always have enough fresh cloth pads at the ready, we recommend approx. 5–6 per cycle. Of course, this also depends on how often you do the washing! If you prefer to be environmentally friendly and wait until you have a full load, we recommend buying 2–3 extra cloth pads or panty liners. 

By the way, if you need to change your cloth pad more regularly or want to be absolutely sure that nothing slips, we recommend our period underwear. These washable knickers also feature our multi-layer technology and offer great comfort when you are on your period.


  • Rinse used cloth pads and panty liners in cold water until the water runs clear. 
  • Machine wash at 30–40 degrees without any fabric softener, bleach or laundry disinfectant. 
  • Leave to air dry. 

Our washable cloth pads and panty liners are easy to clean at 30 to 40 degrees. Simply machine wash them after wearing, along with your other dark items. If your flow was very heavy or you want to wash the pad right after wearing, we recommend rinsing the pad in cold water before putting it in the machine with other laundry. 

Just as you would do with sportswear, do not add any fabric softener or bleach when washing our cloth pads and panty liners. This helps retain their high absorbency and the protective anti-bacterial function. With the right care, our reusable products can last for up to 100 washing cycles.


On average, we lose 60 millilitres of blood during our entire cycle, and most of that during the first two days. The blood loss during heavy periods is around 80 millilitres. At the other end of the spectrum, less than 25 millilitres is considered to be a light period. 

Our washable pads are available in four different versions: 1 Normal, 2 Long, 3 Extra-Long and 3+ Extra-Long Night. The length of sizes 1, 2 and 3 is: 22 cm, 27 cm and 30 cm respectively. Size 3+ (Extra-Long Night) is 25 percent wider at the back to provide security and comfort. Our panty liners come in one size and are 15 cm long.


Zero Waste Europe estimates that single-use period products generate around 590,000 tonnes of waste in the EU states every year. Waste that is completely unnecessary. Compared to 20–30 years ago, there are now enough alternatives. From today’s perspective, single-use period products are no longer up to date and cannot be reconciled with a clear conscience. By switching to sustainable hygiene products such as cloth pads, period underwear or menstruation cups, you save an enormous amount of waste, and save money in the long-term.


Whether you use them every day or only during your period, our cotton pads and panty liners offer you many advantages. Test out our products and see for yourself!

The most frequent questions

  • Do I have to put the washable pad in period underwear?
    In period underwear, the protective surface has already been sewn in, similar to a sanitary pad. However, if you want to be doubly protected, you can put a sanitary pad inside the period panties for extra protection.
  • How are cloth sanitary towels washed?
    After wearing the sanitary pad, you should rinse it briefly under cold water. Afterwards, you can simply put the washable bandage in the washing machine. To make them last as long as possible, we recommend washing the bandages at 30 degrees without fabric softener or bleach. Then let them air dry.
  • Is the cloth bandage also available in another size?
    Our washable sanitary towels are available in four different sizes, not counting the panty liner. You can find more information in our size guide or directly in our washable pads section.
  • How much liquid can a washable bandage hold?
    Depending on the size, washable pads can absorb different amounts of liquid. The absorption capacity varies from 10 ml to 25 ml. For comparison, so that you can get an idea of this: One teaspoon corresponds to 5 ml. Size 1: 10 ml, Size 2: 15 ml, Size 3: 20 ml, Size 3+: 25 ml.
  • Are washable sanitary napkins hygienic?
    Similar to our period underwear, the innovative SELENAtec® multi-layer technology protects you from bacteria and odours. During wear, period blood is trapped in the centre of the layers, so you can enjoy dry comfort.
  • How are panty liners washed?
    Washable panty liners can easily be put in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. We recommend washing them at 30 degrees without bleach or fabric softener. Then let them air dry.
  • How do you attach the washable bandage?
    Place the washable bandage where you want to be protected. The integrated press-stud makes it easy to secure it around your underwear.
  • How much liquid can a panty liner absorb?
    One washable panty liner can absorb 5 ml of liquids. This corresponds to the amount of a teaspoon.
  • Which side of the bandage goes on top?
    If your washable pad has a print on the back, this side will come into contact with your underwear. If there is no print, you can use the honeycomb mesh fabric as a guide. This side belongs to the absorbent surface and can optimally absorb fluids.
  • Are washable panty liners hygienic?
    Thanks to our innovative multi-layer technology, the washable panty liner has antibacterial protection that prevents the development of bacteria and odours.
  • How do you attach the washable panty liner?
    The washable panty liner is easily attached to the pants with the press-stud fastener.
  • Which side of the panty liner goes on top?
    The side with the honeycomb-like mesh fabric comes to the top, it optimally absorbs liquids and can transport them further into the next layers. The cotton side comes into contact with the underwear.