Sustainable, safe and comfortable

Our period underwear made from organic cotton


What are the most important features of period underwear? For many of our customers, comfort, safety and sustainability are paramount. All of these features characterize our organic period underwear to the highest degree, making it the ideal choice.


Why our organic period underwear is sustainable
That's why SelenaCare cotton period underwear is so popular
Buy our sustainable period underwear now and save with our multi-packs

Why our organic period underwear is sustainable

For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Rather, we feel the need to offer our customers sustainable products. There are several reasons why our period underwear is sustainable:

  1. Organic cotton: Conventional cotton often contains toxic chemicals and pesticides. These are not only unsustainable. You don't want them on your skin or in the environment. That's why we use organic cotton for our organic period underwear.
  2. GOTS-certified cotton: The fact that the organic period underwear is made from organic cotton is good. But it's not enough for us to meet our sustainability standards.That's why we also use GOTS-certified cotton. This also guarantees socially responsible production with compliance with minimum wages and health and safety protection in the workplace.
  3. Without biocides: Period underwear sometimes contains biocides that fight bacteria and odors, but are often problematic for people and nature. That's why our organic period panties are biocide-free.
  4. With Lyocell: Renewable raw materials are often particularly sustainable. This also applies to the lyocell fiber obtained from plants, which is used for organic period underwear.
  5. Reusable many times over: Our period underwear can be washed after use and thus reused many times. This makes them significantly more sustainable than comparable disposable items.

That's why SelenaCare cotton period underwear is so popular

Sustainable period underwear is very important. However, other aspects such as comfort and safety are at least as important for many of our customers. Selenacare period underwear also impresses here. The materials used ensure a high level of comfort. In addition to organic cotton, for example, elastane and the breathable fiber Lyocell are also used. You can decide whether you prefer the classic briefs or the hipster cut. At the same time, the organic period underwear easily absorbs up to 25 ml of fluid. This means you don't have to worry if you have a weak bladder or during your period and can enjoy the day without a care in the world.

Buy our sustainable period underwear now and save with our multi-packs

Don't want to compromise on comfort, sustainability and safety when it comes to your period underwear? Then get our organic period underwear made from organic cotton now. Want to save money on your purchase? Then our period underwear organic hipsters in a multipack of 3 or our period underwear organic briefs in a multipack of 3 are just the right choice. Because here you get more comfortable, safe and sustainable cotton period underwear for less money.

The most frequent questions

  • Who is the organic cotton period underwear suitable for?
    The organic cotton period underwear is ideal for women for whom comfort, sustainability and safety are important. It is equally suitable for teenagers, women on their period and women with mild bladder weakness.
  • What are biocides?
    Biocides are chemicals that are used in period underwear for hygienic reasons to kill bacteria and prevent odors. However, some of them are suspected of being harmful to health and impairing fertility. That's why we use period panties without biocides in our organic period underwear.
  • What is GOTS?
    The abbreviation GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This defines a series of requirements for organic textiles. These range from the harvesting of cotton and other raw materials to socially and environmentally responsible production and textile labeling.
  • What is Lyocell?
    Lyocell is a fiber that is obtained from renewable raw materials such as wood or bamboo. It is breathable, feels pleasant on the skin and is characterized by good biodegradability.
  • How should I clean my organic period underwear?
    Simply rinse the period panties with cold water after use. You can then wash them in the washing machine at up to 40 °C and then simply leave them to air dry. Please refrain from using aggressive detergents such as fabric softener, vinegar or bleach when washing.
  • Where is SelenaCare Organic cotton period underwear available?
    You can find the organic period panties in our online store. Of course, we also offer a large selection of other period underwear.