High-Waist Style

Stylish underwear with a little more coverage and high waist


High-waist period underwear: comfortable and safe during your period

Our period underwear in high-waist style is chic, but much more than just a fashion statement. The stylish period panties offer you maximum comfort thanks to their shape, fabric and cut, and are leak-proof and protect you from unpleasant situations and odors thanks to SELENAtec® multi-layer technology. Find out more about our high-waist period underwear here and find your favorite!


The high-waist style - and why it's so popular
What makes our period underwear High-Waist so special
Buy period underwear in high waist style now at Selenacare

The high-waist style - and why it's so popular

Even if the term "high waist" is perhaps not so well known, it quickly becomes clear what is meant: the term "high waist" refers to the high cut of the underwear. Depending on body size, the waistband of the panties ends just above the belly button. A typical feature of this underwear style is that the bottom is usually almost completely covered with fabric, which many people find a great advantage. You probably already have briefs in this style in your underwear drawer, which are also known as waist briefs or maxi briefs.

High-waist briefs are a real classic and are popular with women of practically all ages. This is probably mainly due to the fact that the panties are comfortable to wear and are suitable for practically all occasions - whether in the office, at home or under a chic dress. For many, they are the ultimate in underwear and the epitome of comfort, as the width of the panties simply feels good and gives a feeling of security. In the past, this type of underwear was not necessarily an eye-catcher. However, this has fundamentally changed with the fresh designs of recent years: Many styles shape a beautiful waist and are characterized by an attractive look.

What makes our period underwear high waist so special

Now you know what makes the high-waist style so popular. Our period underwear not only impresses with its attractive design, but also offers numerous other benefits:
  1. Safety: Like our entire range of period underwear, our high-waist period panties also provide all-round leak protection. Our special technology ensures that fluids are well absorbed and do not leak out again.
  2. Comfort: Not least thanks to their comfortable cut and the materials used, our high-waist period panties are comfortable and practically imperceptible. Thanks to the absorption, you can also do without pads or uncomfortable tampons.
  3. Flexibility: Whether at home or at work, our menstrual underwear impresses with its flexible and versatile wearing options and offers you comfort and protection all day long.
  4. Easy care: Cleaning our period panties is easy and uncomplicated: Rinse the underpants in cold water after wearing, then you can put them in the washing machine at 30 to 40 degrees. Leave the panties to air dry afterwards - and they are ready for their next use.
  5. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly: Our period panties are washable and reusable - saving you money compared to alternative and conventional menstrual products. You also ensure that less waste is produced with sustainable period underwear.  
Thanks to our period underwear in high-waist style, worrying about leaking is a thing of the past - and you can make every day yours!

Buy period underwear in high-waist style from Selenacare now

Do you want to combine high wearing comfort and a waist-flattering cut with elegance, sustainability and safety - and also be protected during your light to medium period without having to rely on conventional period products? Then choose our Selenacare high-waist panties now. Find your favorite among our models and save money with the practical 3-pack multi-packs.

The most frequent questions

  • How much fluid can the high-waist period underwear absorb?
    Our Recycled Lace Leaf High Waist period underwear can absorb up to 20 ml of fluid. This makes it ideal for light to medium menstrual periods. For heavier days, you can choose the appropriate models from our range and combine them with our sustainable menstrual cups or pads.
  • Are Selenacare's high-waist briefs environmentally friendly?
    Yes, we deliberately use recycled material and lyocell for our Recycled Lace Leaf period panty and do not use problematic substances such as biocides. In future, you will also be able to do without classic menstrual products that usually end up in the bin after use - this saves waste and also protects the environment.
  • What is Lyocell?
    Lyocell is a breathable fiber that feels pleasant on the skin. It is obtained from renewable raw materials such as bamboo or wood and is readily biodegradable.
  • How do I clean my Selenacare high-waist panties?
    Cleaning is very easy: rinse the high-waist panties with cold water after use. You can then wash them in the washing machine at 30 to 40 °C and then simply leave them to air dry. Please refrain from using bleach, vinegar or fabric softener.
  • Is high-waist period underwear also suitable for sports?
    Thanks to the high cut, our high-waist pants offer excellent comfort and plenty of freedom of movement. This makes them a good choice for a wide range of sporting activities.
  • Is high-waist underwear suitable for women with bladder weakness?
    Our High Waist bladder weakness underwear is a good choice for women with mild bladder weakness.
  • Where can I buy period panties?
    You can buy our high-waist period underwear directly from us in our online store or from specialist drugstores.