Our Mission

Who we are and where we come from

Our Story

It all started with a daughter who was dissatisfied with the status quo. A daughter who asked herself: is there a way to get through the days more easily? Do menstruation and waste have to go hand in hand? And a father who felt responsible. For the footprint his generation had left on the world.

And so we founded SELENACARE many years ago. And from the very beginning, we were focused on the essentials: Namely, to develop the most reliable, sustainable hygiene products for people who menstruate and have bladder weakness, thus giving them back a piece of freedom - and the planet a little rest.

SELENACARE is for everyone. For people with and without vulvas, for those who bleed and those who drip, for young and old, for those with a salary and those who still get pocket money, for online shoppers and those who prefer to stroll through shops.

And to all of them we want to say:
Real change needs courage. And we can all be courageous.


Our Mission

We want to make reusable hygiene products a matter of course and thus contribute to reducing the global waste problem & to a changed, more sustainable consumer behaviour.

As an established company, our focus is always on innovation & quality. This is precisely how we aim to reduce the demand for disposable products & gain people's trust.


In order for the hygiene products market to change sustainably, we at SELENACARE want to make intimate hygiene more pleasant for everyone with our products. We want to give those who menstruate, pregnant people, people with discharge & those with bladder weakness a bit of freedom back and make their very individual situation easier.

Our promise

We are here for everyone with our sustainable hygiene products. And for our planet

Our Milestones



  • Development SELENAtec®
  • Launch SELENACARE in Hungary, Czech Republic & Poland



  • Launch Panty liners
  • Launch Amazon Marketplaces
  • Launch SELENACARE in France & Italy