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Are you looking for comfortable, safe and beautiful swimwear for your menstrual period? Glad you found your way to us! At Selenacare, we believe that no woman should change her plans just because she has her period. With our innovative period swimwear, we want you to have a carefree bathing experience no matter what stage of your cycle you are in. Discover our new period bikini and swimming costume in a range of styles here.


What is period swimwear?
How does period swimwear work?
The period bikini and swimming costume from SELENACARE: advantages & special features
How do I care for my period swimwear?
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What is period swimwear?

Summer is just around the corner, but as soon as your period comes, the desire to go to the beach, sea, swimming pool or lake is gone. Surely you know this situation - as do most other women. That's exactly why period swimwear was invented: Bikinis and swimming costumes with integrated leakage protection that you can wear not only while sunbathing but also while swimming. With our products you are additionally protected and can fully concentrate on what really counts: Having fun in and around the water.

How does menstrual swimwear work?

Let's go into a little more detail: As with our period underwear, there is a special fabric in the intimate area of the period bikinis and swimming costumes that absorbs your menstrual bleeding and stores it inside. This works thanks to SELENAtec® multi-layer technology, which is now also available as swimwear - a real innovative step! And don't worry, you'll hardly notice the extra layers. Our menstrual swimwear is designed to feel just as light and comfortable as traditional swimwear. 

By the way, the period bikinis and swimming costumes absorb 5-10 ml of fluid. This gives you extra leakage protection on heavy period days, and on weak days our swimwear can replace small tampons or the cup altogether. But we'll be honest with you, our period swimwear obviously can't distinguish between water and menstrual blood. So when swimming, it's better to use extra protection.

The period bikini and swimming costume from SELENACARE: advantages & special features

We know that you not only want to feel safe, but also beautiful. That's why our range is not only functional, but also fashionable: we have placed great emphasis on current trends and timeless designs when designing our menstrual bikini and swimming costume. With both our styles and colours, as well as the variety of sizes, there is something for every woman.

High quality

The fabrics used come from Italy and are of very high quality. They have been selected to provide you with the highest possible wearing comfort: The outer material is made of recycled ECONYL® nylon thread. This fabric is very smooth, super-elastic and soft to the skin. The inner lining is ultra-light and very soft. Thanks to the high quality of the material, our bath products offer numerous advantages:

  • they are robust and opaque
  • they guarantee a perfect fit
  • they hug the body and do not slip
  • they have UV protection (50+)
  • they are breathable and quick-drying


Another plus is the environmental friendliness of the products. The fabrics of our period swimwear are environmentally friendly and durable. They are made from 82% recycled materials. Instead of using disposable products, you can help reduce waste. Our swimwear is reusable and easy to clean. So you can improve not only your comfort, but also your environmental footprint.

How do I care for my period swimwear?

You should rinse your menstrual bikini or swimming costume with cold water after each use to remove excess fluid and blood stains. Afterwards, the swimwear can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees. At temperatures above 40 degrees, the protective function may be impaired, so we recommend lower washing temperatures. Also, avoid using fabric softener to prolong the life of the swimwear. Be sure to let your period bikini or swimming costume air dry, not tumble dry

By the way, the properties of our period swimwear make it ideal for beachwear and it won't deform even after numerous washes. The material does not shrink, ensuring a consistent fit.

Buy period swimwear from SELENACARE now

So whether you want to swim your laps in the pool, soak up the sun at the beach or simply splash around in your own garden: With our period swimwear (bikini pants minibikini neckholderperiod swimsuit) you don't have to let your menstruation restrict you anymore. We believe it's time to take the taboo out of periods and see them for what they are: a natural part of life. 

We hope you'll find the period swimwear you need to feel comfortable and confident during your period. Take a look around, explore our selection and enjoy the summer with your period swimwear. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing day by the water!

The most frequent questions

The most frequently asked questions about period swimwear
  • How does Selenacare period swimwear work?
    Like our period underwear, the period swimwear is equipped with a special fabric that absorbs and stores your menstrual bleeding. Here you can find more information about how our multi-layer technology works.
  • How do I care for my period swimwear?
    After use, you should rinse your period swimwear with cold water and then wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Please note that the swimwear is not suitable for the dryer.
  • Is period swimwear eco-friendly?
    Yes, our period swimwear is reusable and offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-use products. With the right care, it can last for several years.
  • How do I find the right size?
    We offer a detailed size chart. If you need further help in choosing the right size, our customer service is at your disposal.
  • Can I wear period swimwear without additional hygiene products?
    That depends on your personal menstrual flow. For light to medium menstrual periods, swimwear alone may be sufficient. However, in case of heavy menstruation, we recommend using additional hygiene products.