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How our products work

Reliable period protection with SELENAtec®

You always wanted to know how our Selenacare and Souverän products work? Here you will find all the information about the properties, the material, the absorption and our substances.

You won't notice it, but you'll feel it works

Our SELENACARE period underwear is as nice and comfortable as ordinary / normal underwear, but it can do much more: it has a built-in period guard, which absorbs fluid quickly, and prevents leakage

Despite the many layers, our fabric technology is ultra-thin, less than 2mm millimetres. SELENAtec® therefore provides a comfortable feel and leak-proof protection in one.

A special material

Our innovative and patent-pending SELENAtec® multi-layer technology enables integrated period protection in all our textile products. How many layers and which materials are used depends on the product. For example, our bladder weakness products have more layers than our light to medium period products

1. Quick-drying layer: The layer closest to the body is specially designed to absorb and transfer moisture quickly. This is particularly important for a dry feeling

2. Highly absorbent layer: Special fibres that absorb moisture quickly and effectively form the 2nd layer. At the same time, this layer is ultra-thin and is not bulky. This allows us to guarantee a comfortable feel and strong absorbency

3. Breathable and leak-proof protective membrane: Due to a special protective membrane, this layer is particularly leak-proof and therefore does not let any liquid through. At the same time, it is breathable to prevent unnecessary sweating

4. Outer layer: Skin-friendly fabric. The last and outermost layer is the skin-friendly fabric that is also used on the outside of your period underwear and thus enhances the comfortable feeling

Information about our fabrics

In our product range SELENACARE HipsterClassic and Brasiliana we use a very fine and soft microfibre fabric as the main material. Microfibres are thinner than silk fibres and offer not only a soft and comfortable surface but also a long life and easy cleaning. In addition, microfibre is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers

In our product range SELENACARE Organic , the natural fibre Lyocell is used in the highly absorbent layer (layer 2). Lyocell is made from wood from sustainable forestry and is even biodegradable. Lyocell offers many advantages and is a particularly soft, yet robust and breathable material. It even regulates temperature and is largely odourless

Our partner


We focus on hygiene and freshness in our textile products based on silver chloride (biocide active ingredient according to Article 95 list) - our textiles are equipped with antimicrobial protection (SILVERPLUS®). The Rudolf Group supports us with SILVERPLUS®, the leading silver ion technology that ensures odour prevention and antibacterial protection and is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
OEKO-TEX guarantees that all components have been tested for harmful substances and that the article is safe for health. It is also EPA registered and bluesign® approved for sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes.

Thanks to the antibacterial membrane, germs and bacteria do not develop or multiply right from the start. This is why the underwear is hygienically clean even at low washing temperatures (30°C). At the same time, the energy consumption during washing can be reduced, which makes the cleaning process even more environmentally friendly.

Tip: As long as the panties have been rinsed in cold water after wearing, you can put them in the washing machine with the other laundry at a later time.