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Period panties in the popular briefs style: classic, safe and good

The term "briefs" has long since become synonymous with underpants - although it actually refers to a special cut. The reason for this expansion of meaning is the great popularity of briefs, which have long since become a true underwear classic: Almost every woman probably has them in her underwear drawer. That's why it's no question for us to also offer this popular style as period briefs so that you can benefit from the advantages of the brief shape - and at the same time go through your everyday life protected and safe. Find out more about our sustainable and hygienic menstrual briefs here.


This is what the slip style looks like - and these are its advantages
The benefits of our Selenacare period panties
Collections: Selenacare Floral collection and more
Selenacare organic period panties: comfort meets sustainability
Selenacare Invisible Free-Cut menstrual briefs: Invisible and comfortable
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What does the slip style look like - and what are its advantages?

The brief style has been the classic cut for women's underwear for decades. They are characterized by a relatively high leg cut and a slightly lower waistband height. The waist is also medium-high, but slightly higher than our hipster styles. The briefs are usually close-fitting and offer more fabric than other cuts such as thongs or Brazilians.

Briefs have become absolute basics because they offer a balanced mix of comfort and functionality without sacrificing an attractive look. Thanks to their cut, briefs are not only practical but also extremely comfortable. No slipping, no pinching - just feel good. Many women find the extra fabric - especially in comparison to brazilians and thongs - pleasant. At the same time, there is plenty of freedom of movement thanks to the high leg cut-out.

The benefits of our Selenacare period panties

In addition to the general advantages of the brief style, our period panties offer you numerous other benefits:
  1. Safety: Our menstrual briefs - like all models of our period underwear - are equipped with special technology that ensures that absorbed fluids do not leak out.
  2. Comfort: Our period panties feel just like conventional underwear and are comfortable to wear because you can do without pads or uncomfortable tampons.
  3. Environmentally friendly and economical: Our period panties are washable and reusable, unlike disposable products. So you avoid the production of further waste with every purchase. You also save money in the long run, as you can avoid buying conventional menstrual products again and again.
  4. Versatility: You can wear our menstrual underwear for any occasion: whether at home, at work or during sports - our briefs offer you comfort and protection all day long.
  5. Easy care: Our period underwear is easy to clean. Simply rinse in cold water after wearing, machine wash at 30 to 40 degrees and leave to air dry. As you can see, with our briefs you can concentrate fully on your life and make every day your day - without worrying about leaking!

Collections: Selenacare Floral collection and more 

You can find our period underwear in brief style in many designs and collections: For example, the menstrual briefs from the Floral Classic collection for light to medium and heavy periods are the most popular briefs in our store. However, the briefs from the Active collection not only look stylish, but also protect you reliably and safely from leakage.

Selenacare organic period panties: comfort meets sustainability

Do you love the briefs style and attach great importance to comfort and sustainability? Then our absorbent organic briefs are the perfect choice for you. They are GOTS-certified and also contain lyocell, a plant fiber made from renewable raw materials. This is not only sustainable but, in combination with the high-quality cotton, makes them feel great against the skin and comfortable to wear.

Selenacare Invisible Free Cut menstrual briefs: Invisible and comfortable

Visible underwear seams under your clothes are a no-go for you? Then opt for our Invisible Free Cut briefs. They combine discretion with a high level of comfort. Thanks to the microfiber stretch material, the menstrual briefs adapt to your body. They are also highly absorbent, which is ideal for the middle days of your period or offers you maximum security on light days.

Menstrual briefs: Buy now at Selenacare

For many women, our period panties are the perfect combination of a classic panty style and a high level of security during their period. They combine a high level of comfort and an attractive cut with good absorbency. Get your period underwear from Selenacare in brief style now and discover your favorite!

If you prefer to wear your own underwear but are looking for a sustainable alternative to disposable products, take a look at our reusable pads and panty liners or take a look at our menstrual cups!

The most frequent questions

  • How much fluid can the Selenacare menstrual briefs absorb?
    How much fluid our period and menstrual briefs can hold depends on the exact model. The range extends from 5ml (Daily Free-Cut) to 25ml (Invisible Free-Cut, Floral Classic or Organic Briefs) and up to 35ml of fluid (Floral Classic for heavy periods).
  • Are the briefs environmentally friendly and sustainable?
    Yes, because they replace environmentally harmful disposable products. What's more, our organic briefs are made from GOTS-certified cotton and Lyocell fiber, which comes from sustainable forestry.
  • What is the best way to clean the briefs?
    We recommend washing the panties in cold water after use, then washing them in the machine at 30 °C and finally leaving them to air dry. Please do not use fabric softener, vinegar or bleach.
  • Where can I buy period panties?
    You can buy our period and menstrual panties directly from us in our online store or from specialist drugstores.
  • Can I wear the slip style under tight clothing?
    Yes, because the briefs are close to the skin. If you want to avoid underwear seams showing under your clothes, we recommend the Invisible Free-Cut briefs.
  • What is GOTS?
    The abbreviation GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is one of the world's most important textile labels. It combines environmental and social criteria.