Period underwear

For teenagers from the first period


Period underwear for teenagers: the easy way to start your period

The first period is an important step on the way to adulthood. The first bleeding is associated with many uncertainties and questions. Among other things, the question arises as to which period product is best. Whereas in the past the choice was really only between pads or tampons, today we are much further along. In addition to tampons and pads, there are also menstrual cups or period underwear. The latter are not only more sustainable but also very suitable for beginners. Period briefs in particular are found to be very comfortable for teenagers, as they hardly differ from normal underwear and thus require little explanation.

Don't be afraid of embarrassing situations!

Even though periods are nothing to be ashamed of, it is often a taboo subject and fraught with shame, especially for teenagers. The panties allow for a very discreet handling of the period, because neither tampon thread nor pad wings are visible here. From the outside, the period panty does not differ from normal underwear.

This is why period underwear for teenagers is better than tampons & pads


The panties are very comfortable to wear, you won't notice any difference between your normal underwear and period underwear. And even on the outside, you can't tell period panties from regular panties. So you won't feel like you're wearing a nappy, that's a promise!

Safe protection against leakage

Period underwear can absorb much more fluid than pads or tampons. This means you can feel safe for longer. This is especially useful in the beginning, when young menstruators don't yet have much experience and feel for their bleeding.
The integrated and absorbent multi-layer technology quickly wicks moisture away and traps it inside, so you always feel dry.

Does not smell

The antibacterial layer in the period panty prevents odour-causing bacteria from multiplying, so you feel fresh all day long.

Washable & reusable

Sustainability is an increasingly important factor for teenagers too. And that's a good thing! With increasing pollution, plastic issues in our oceans and the options available today, tampons and pads have simply had their day. The future belongs to washable and reusable period products.

We support every menstrual user who chooses a sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. Switching to reusable products saves between 10,000 and 17,000 disposable products per person.

Cheaper in the long run

Besides saving a lot of waste, you can also save a lot of money by using washable period panties. Although the purchase costs are higher than for a pack of pads or tampons, they often pay for themselves within the first year because you don't have to keep buying more.

Period underwear vs. pads & tampons

We menstruate about 500 times in our lives. The intensity and duration of periods varies from person to person. If you opt for sustainable and reusable period products, you will pay a little more than for disposable products, but the products will last much longer. Period panties can be washed at least 60 times before the absorbency wears off. After that, however, the panties can still be used as normal underwear for a long time. A menstrual cup lasts on average 10 years or more.

SELENACARE period underwear for teenagers

We want you to feel comfortable. That's why function and appearance go hand in hand. With our period briefs specially designed for teenagers, you'll be perfectly protected for all your activities, day and night. What's more, these hip styles are visually indistinguishable from regular underwear.

Whether you're at school, at home or out and about, SELENACARE TEENS period underwear offers safety and comfort. It is as comfortable as normal underwear, but thanks to the integrated absorbent pad, it provides comfortable reliable protection for up to 12 hours without feeling wet or slipping

The advantages at a glance

  • Vegan and environmentally friendly
  • Always feels dry and does not smell
  • Comfortable and leak-proof
  • Washable alternative to disposable products

Absolutely safe: This is how period underwear works

  • Layer 1: Moisture is transferred quickly and safely. 
  • Layer 2: Moisture is safely stored so there is no feeling of wetness. The antibacterial protection counteracts the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odours.
  • Layer 3: Breathable and leak-proof protective membrane for extra protection and comfort. 
  • Layer 4: The skin-friendly fabric ensures a comfortable fit, just like you already know from normal pants.

No nappy feeling - promised!

Despite the 4 layers, the fabric technology is very thin, less than 4 millimetres. You can therefore be sure that our period underwear is just as comfortable to wear as your normal underwear.

How often should I change my period underwear?

Just like regular underwear, you should change your period underwear at least 1-2 times a day. Depending on how heavy your period is, you may need to change more often. You will quickly develop a sense of when your period panties are full. This is when they feel damp.

Up to 12 hours leakage protection

the panties can hold 20 ml of blood. During your whole period, you lose about 60 ml, most of it in the first two days. A heavy period is when you lose more than 80 ml of blood. A light period is when you lose less than 25 ml of blood. 

To be on the safe side, put a spare pair of period panties in your bag. Put the used period panty in an airtight zip bag for transport. When you get home, just put them straight into the washing machine or wash them out in cold water, let them air dry and then put them in the laundry basket.

How many period panties do you need?

How many period panties you need depends on how heavy your period is and how often you do laundry. The great thing about period underwear is that you can easily wash them with the rest of your dark clothes. We recommend that you keep 3 - 5 pairs of underwear in stock so you don't have to do laundry all the time. For your convenience, you should have at least 7 pairs of briefs.

Our tip: Just use the amount of regular underwear you have in your wardrobe as a guide.

How to wash period underwear

Period underwear can be washed at 30 to 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine - or with other dark underwear. If the panties are very bloody, it is better to wash them under cold water until no more blood comes out before putting them in the washing machine. You can then air-dry them and throw them in the laundry basket.

The antibacterial protection in the panties means that 30 degrees is perfectly adequate for washing. You can also wash them hotter, but the material will wear out faster.

No matter how you wash your period panties, by hand or in the machine, please never use bleach (contained in detergents for white laundry, for example) and fabric softener, and only let the panties air dry.

Period underwear or menstrual cup: which is better for teenagers?

Period underwear allows for the most stress-free and comfortable entry into the world of periods. They can be used in the same way as normal underwear and are very discreet because you can't see the function of the underwear from the outside. A menstrual cup can also be used by young people, but the but they may take a longer time to get used to.

Menstrual cup as a supplement

Once you have gained some experience with your period, a menstrual cup can be a great addition. It can even be used for swimming. We have summarised everything that is important for beginners with the menstrual cup in our guide article "The first time with a menstrual cup: everything beginners need to know".