Without biocides

Easy Comfort 10ml Everyday inserts (multipack of 3)

  • Daily light protection up to 10ml
  • Versatile for discharge & light bleeding
  • Convenient 3-pack multipack
  • Can only be used with the Easy Comfort basic briefs


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days


The Easy Comfort Daily pads for daily use are specially designed to effectively absorb up to 10 ml of fluid. With their careful design, they not only offer reliable absorption, but also a comfortable feel and are specially designed to match the Easy Comfort basic briefs.

Lasting protection during menstruation

A special highlight: when the Daily Comfort daily pads have reached their maximum absorbency, they can be easily removed from the basic briefs and replaced with a fresh pad - just like traditional panty liners, but without the need to change completely! The used pad can be stored in the wet bag, where it remains safe until you wash it at home. The reusability of the pads after the washing and drying process not only contributes to environmental protection, but is also a cost-effective option.

The combination of the Easy Comfort basic briefs and the self-adhesive Daily pads therefore offers not only exceptional protection and comfort for everyday use, but also an environmentally conscious and sustainable alternative. This innovative blend of design and functionality allows you to go about your daily activities during your period without worry and with a feeling of security.

Helpful for discharge

The Easy Comfort Daily pads are not only ideal for women with light periods, but are also ideal for daily discharge. This adaptable application makes them a comfortable and protective solution for different everyday needs.

They are also available in a handy multipack of 3. This clever packaging ensures that you always have the optimal supply at home to be fully protected at all times during your period.

Note: Easy Comfort pads can only be used with basic briefs!

  • Material

    52% polyester, 42% cotton, 6% elastane

  • Washing guide
    Wash before first use. Rinse with cold water after use. Then wash at 30-40°C in the washing machine, ideally in a washing net, and leave to air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or vinegar as these will attack the technology and negatively affect the absorption capacity.


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