Without biocides

Easy Comfort basic briefs

  • Self-adhesive material in the Easy Comfort period panty
  • Bamboo viscose: comfortable & environmentally friendly
  • Highest wearing comfort during your period
  • For use with Easy Comfort Insert 10ml, 25ml & 35ml


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The SELENACARE Easy Comfort Basic Panties form the central element of our outstanding Easy Comfort line. This unique panty, used in combination with the SELENACARE Easy Comfort Inserts, guarantees not only premier protection but also unparalleled comfort during menstruation.

The heart of these basic panties is the self-adhesive material in the crotch area. This innovative solution allows for securely fixing the matching Easy Comfort Inserts without the need for uncomfortable or intrusive attachment methods. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the way women experience their menstrual hygiene: the Easy Comfort Basic Panties no longer need to be removed and replaced with a new period panty; instead, the inserts can be changed easily, like traditional pads, without the need to undress!

Extra Comfortable Wear

In developing our Easy Comfort Basic Panties, we didn't want to compromise on comfort and sought out a sustainable and extra comfortable fabric!

Period Underwear made from Bamboo Viscose

The SELENACARE Easy Comfort Basic Panties are made of 84% bamboo viscose, a fabric that provides a comfortable wearing experience and is also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gases, as it absorbs more carbon dioxide during its growth than most other trees.

Bamboo fibers also offer other unique functional properties. Their natural breathability allows the skin to breathe freely while wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. By using high-quality materials and carefully crafting the Easy Comfort Basic Panties, not only is maximum wearing comfort ensured, but the environment is also conserved.

Note: Basic Panties only compatible with Easy Comfort Inserts! Without the inserts, the Easy Comfort Basic Panties lack the absorbent surface, so you need the matching Easy Comfort Inserts, which you can choose individually according to your menstrual flow, from light to medium to heavy.

  • Material

    84% Viskose (Bambus), 9% Polyester, 7% Elastan

  • Washing guide
    Wash before first use. Rinse with cold water after use. Then wash at 30-40°C in the washing machine, ideally in a washing net, and leave to air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or vinegar as these will attack the technology and negatively affect the absorption capacity.


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