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Selfcare Period-Set

  • The perfect set for self-care during your period
  • Including 2x classic period underwear for middle days
  • Including 2x washable pads in size 3
  • FREE on top: 1x OYESS lip balm, 1x Teaballs organic ginger tea



Discover our exclusive pampering set, which ideally accompanies you during your period. We have put together this package especially for you and your self-care during your menstrual period. In addition to 2 pieces of our popular Floral Classic period underwear, this also includes 2 pieces of our washable pads in size 3. As an additional goodie, we also pack an OYESS lip balm and a Teaballs Pure Nature ginger tea. You are completely taken care of.

Our high-quality Floral Classic period underwear is not only super comfortable, but also stylishly designed. The floral pattern is feminine and elegant at the same time. And best of all: The integrated absorbent layers ensure that you are reliably protected and can feel self-confident and carefree. Our self-care set includes two of these fantastic period panties so you can change your underwear too.

For additional protection, there are also 2 of our washable pads in size 3 in the package. You can put these in any underpants of your choice. The pad protects you from leakage and keeps you dry.

So that you really don't miss anything during your period, you get 2 great goodies in addition to reliable period products.

The first plus is the smooth lip balm from OYESS. To make your lips shine and give them an extra dose of luxury, we'll give you a piece for free in the package. You will receive one of 6 types, which will be distributed at will. Possible variants are: Sensitive, Superfruits, Coconut, Raspberry, Extra Care, Honey or Natural. The lip balm provides intensive care without mineral oils or microplastics and gives you long-lasting supple lips thanks to organic shea butter.

The second plus is the soothing ginger tea from Teaballs. Ginger supports you during your period by relieving pain and cramps, promoting blood circulation and calming the gastrointestinal tract. Enjoy a cup of Teaballs Pure Nature Ginger Tea and go through your periods more relaxed!

With our self-care set, we pamper you with high-quality products that guarantee comfort, well-being and relaxation. Show yourself some love and appreciation with this lovingly curated gift.

For maximum hygiene and freshness, our SELENACARE products are based on SILVERPLUS®, the leading silver ion technology from the RUDOLF GROUP.

This biocidal protective finish prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. In addition, SILVERPLUS® is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which guarantees that all components have been tested for harmful substances and that the product is harmless to health.

  • Washing guide
    Wash before first use. Rinse with cold water after use. Then wash at 30-40°C in the washing machine, ideally in a washing net, and leave to air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or vinegar as these will attack the technology and negatively affect the absorption capacity.


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