Without biocides

Period underwear Comfort Shorts (heavy days)

  • Protection and comfort when you get your period overnight
  • Made from sustainable bamboo, without biocides
  • Absorbs 35-40 ml


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We know how unpleasant it is when your period suddenly starts at night and you find blood stains on the sheets in the morning. Our SELENACARE Comfort Short, a short with maximum absorbency, is the absolute must-have, especially for heavy periods at night. No more insecurities and uncomfortable moments - here comes the ultimate comfort to accompany you through the night!

The perfect companion - during the day and at night

Our SELENACARE Comfort Shorts are your new best friend during your period, especially at night. These comfortable pyjama shorts consist of two parts. The integrated period panties will see you through your heavier days. Say goodbye to worry and discomfort while you sleep - our shorts prevent night-time leakage and deliver what they promise. 

And the best thing? The stylish boxer shorts on top! The ultra-soft bamboo material gently moulds to your skin and almost makes you forget you're wearing anything! An absolute feel-good pair of shorts! 

The wonderfully pleasant material of these comfort shorts not only makes them super cosy, but also perfect for relaxing days at home. Just lean back and chill - these shorts are unbeatably comfortable and give you an extra feeling of security. The comfort shorts offer reliable protection against unwanted leakage. So you can really relax, enjoy the day and your sleep without having to worry. A real feel-good companion for your cosy moments at home!

Maximum safety and comfort

The SELENACARE Comfort Shorts are not only stylish, but also functional. With an amazing absorption capacity of 35 ml thanks to our tried-and-tested multi-layer technology, the sewn-in period panties protect you even on your heaviest days. Whether you wear the Comfort Short period underwear at night while sleeping or just on a cosy day at home - you can feel safe in any situation and enjoy the moment without worry.

Sustainable raw material

At Selenacare, we are always endeavouring to use new, more environmentally friendly materials for our products. Our comfort shorts are made from 69% bamboo viscose, a rapidly renewable raw material. Bamboo also plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gases as it absorbs more carbon dioxide during growth than most trees. 

The versatile nature of bamboo fibres makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also a great choice for anyone who values comfort, making them the perfect material for our Comfort Shorts. Bamboo fibres not only offer comfort, but also other unique functional properties. Its natural breathability allows the skin to breathe freely while wicking away moisture and cooling the body temperature.

  • Material
    69% viscose from bamboo, 15% cotton, 9% elastane, 7% polyester
  • Washing guide
    Wash before first use. Rinse with cold water after use. Then wash at 30-40°C in the washing machine, ideally in a washing net, and leave to air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or vinegar as these will attack the technology and negatively affect the absorption capacity.


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