Menstrual Cup Basic

  • Sustainable alternative to tampons and pads
  • Ideal for getting started with menstrual cups
  • Very easy cleaning, environmentally friendly


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Content: 1 Stück

The SELENACARE menstrual cup Basic differs from the SELENACARE menstrual cup Premium only in the scope of delivery; it does not contain a sterilisation container . The cups themselves have the same shape and the same medium hardness of the medical silicone.

For light, medium and heavy days

The menstrual cup can be used anytime and anywhere . Whether you're going about your daily routine, hiking or spending the whole day in bed - the cup keeps its promise. The soft rim hugs your body once the cup is inserted, creating a safe and reliable protection against leakage.

Your period cup on holiday

Using the menstrual cup is a great advantage, especially in summer. You can use it without any problems while swimming. There's no danger of a string showing through your bikini, as sometimes happens with tampons. In addition, creates a vacuum so that neither chlorine nor seawater can penetrate. This often contains germs that can unbalance your vaginal flora.

Easy cleaning and care

After use, the period cup can be easily cleaned and reused . All you need for cleaning is boiling water - no chemicals or other cleaning agents. As the menstrual cup Basic does not come with a sterilisation cup, you can use an old coffee cup for this purpose.

  • Material
    100% medical grade silicone
  • Washing guide
    Wash before first use. Rinse with cold water after use. Then wash at 30-40°C in the washing machine, ideally in a washing net, and leave to air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or vinegar as these will attack the technology and negatively affect the absorption capacity.


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