Menstrual Cup Active

  • Secure hold during sporting activities
  • Easy cleaning due to included accessories 
  • Protects by day and night


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Content: 1 Stück

Looking for an eco-friendly and invisible alternative to disposable products for your period? Then the menstrual cup could be the solution for you. The Period Cup is easy to use, easy to clean & maintain and can be used for several years. The Active menstrual cup is the optimal menstrual cup for women with a strong pelvic floor.

What makes the Active cup different from other menstrual cups?

If your menstrual cup is not tight and leaks despite being the right size, this is often because the silicone is too soft. Regular exercise may have made your muscles stronger, which can cause cups with a medium hardness to compress and leak. Our Active cup is made of a slightly firmer silicone, which supports your athletic body during menstruation wonderfully.

In everyday life, during sports and on holiday

No matter what you're doing or where you're travelling - the Active menstrual cup provides reliable protection. Especially on holiday, it is often unpleasant when your period starts. Say goodbye to visible cords, as can be the case with tampons in a bikini. The menstrual cup has an advantage, especially when swimming. It creates a vacuum and seals so that nothing can leak or penetrate. Especially with chlorine and seawater, this is perfect for your health because of the germs. You can also rely on the Active menstrual cup for other sporting activities such as cycling, hiking or martial arts.

Everything you need

In addition to the menstrual cup, the delivery includes a cotton bag for storage and a sterilisation cup. In the sterilisation cup, the menstrual cup can simply be cleaned with boiling water after your period, without the need for another container. This kills germs and the cup can be used again straight away.

  • Material
    100% medical grade silicone
  • Washing guide
    Clean thoroughly before first use.
    To do this, fill the sterilisation cup provided with water, insert the menstrual cup and boil it in the microwave for 3 minutes. An old coffee cup can also be used for this purpose. For cleaning in a saucepan, the menstrual cup can be placed in a whisk. It is important that the cup does not come into contact with the bottom of the pot, as this could damage it.
    After months of use, discolourations can be removed overnight as if by magic using denture cleaner tabs.


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